Poland has one of the strictest abortion laws in Europe. Abortions are only allowed in three cases: rape, health hazard for the mother, and deformity of the child.
Since the Constitutional Court overturned the third point in October 2020, it has become much more difficult to perform an abortion. That is why many women like Inga are forced to go abroad to do this. Despite national protests, many conservative and devout Poles, such as family man Pawel, are calling for the law to be tightened even further.

Director: Konrad Szołajski
Text: Kerstin Reich
DOP: Michal Slusarczyk, Maciej Edelman
Editor: Pawel Kowalik
Commissioning Editor: Kathrin Bronnert
Channel: ARTE, NDR
First broadcast: February 8th, 2021

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