Stage of Production 
Olga Delane has been researching and shooting in Karabash since May 2017. Doppelplusultra joined the project during the research phase in early 2019.
The research and shooting costs from May 2017 to October 2019 were financed with funds from the Robert Bosch cross-border scholarship, along with own investments and deferrals from Doppelplusultra and Olga Delane. A co-production was agreed with the Polish production company Arkana Studio.In January 2020, € 30 000 was acquired through the German-Polish Film Fund.
The project won the IDFA Forum Award for a Pitch at the East European Platform 2020 in Prague. During the development phase until July 2021, the key events in the transformation of Karabash will be shot. For example, the inauguration of the new adventure shopping centre in May 2020.
The project will be presented at various international pitching forums by the end of 2021. Funding is expected to be closed in late 2021 with the help of German, Polish and international funds. Release is planned for late 2022.
Director’s Motivation 
We all have a deep longing for a healthy, ecologically perfect, peaceful world.
At the same time, we see that the world is on the brink of collapse. And what do we do? We change our eating habits, and calm our consciences with nice gestures and banal words despite the fact that we still suspect that all this is not enough - we are not getting to the root of the problems, simply concealing the impending downfall with goodwill.
But life goes on. We all want to work, shop, vacation somewhere. And the revolution is cancelled. So we continue repressing and covering up the reality.
Do we differ in any way from the inhabitants of Karabash? Everything in Karabash is conveniently pushed to the surface and excellently suitable for a film. But the mechanisms of displacement are the same everywhere. In every protagonist we find a piece of ourselves.
For me, there are not only parallels of political repression in different countries, but also between political and personal repression. Just as a political system is based on castles in the sky (or the image of the new Switzerland), people also tend to cling to illusions.
But are illusions not a good way to change reality, sometimes? What revolution was undertaken without the illusion and hope that it would make humanity happier in the long run?
Director: Olga Delane
Script: Calle Overweg, Olga Delane
Producers: Frank Müller, Doppelplusultra Filmproduktion, Germany
Dorota Roszkowska, Arkana Studio, Poland
Editor: Philipp Gromov
Production Stage: Development
Country of production: Germany, Poland
Country of shooting: Russia
Language: Russian
Budget: € 310 000
In Place: € 50 000
Funded by: Deutsch-Polnischer Filmfonds
Release: November 2022

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